Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

1. Our patented straddling, outrageous stripper twister! Lot’s of laughs for the whole group!
2. The whip cream games! Mouthfuls of delicious excitement!
3. Our tantalizing, panty race, private parts revealing premier!
4. Raffle ticket sales for our arousing & rectifying raffle-rub! You get a full body massage by yourself from the girls!
5. Our slippery, sexy and salacious, mouth watering snail-trail race! Loads of fun!
6. The belly button bar for body shots! Make sure to reserve yourself & your bachelor some of these treats!
7. Our world famous strip tease show! It’s is gauranteed to produce wood!
8. Our hot and heavy lap dances ala carte! These too will have an uplifting result on you!
9. We never send hags! We only send sexy, energetic and fun babes unlike what our competition & their nasty, butt-ugly, disgusting dancers!
10. We do not over book our ladies! In 3 decades we’ve never had a no show! Again, unlike the rest of those agencies, that has no-shows regularly due to over booking.

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